Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas Balls Going out!

Ok the first one was put up today at one of the parks in town...downtown.

Tomorrow we will be putting out a couple more.

I will also be putting a couple in more than one park in East Hill on Thursday. I have boot camp in the morings so it will go out then....RUFF! - that is a clue.



Blogger Matthew said...

Happy Holidays Scott!
After all that rain, when the sun gloriously came out this afternoon I took my 9 month old baby and dog for a walk to Seville Park downtown. As I happened to be admiring the carved wood tree angel we spotted you're magical golden glass sphere at her feet! Reading your note about passing it on to another spot (or keeping it) was such a special idea. We will be heading out for another long walk downtown this afternoon to leave it for another soul to brighten their day too . . .I wonder if the fish are biting . . .by the way I was not able to locate the etched number.

11:40 AM  

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