Monday, April 02, 2007

Purple Monster Marble #18 is a runner!

It seems like #18 is the big winner. It took me putting out 18 pieces of glass to finally get someone to come back and post. What a winner #18 is, he not only made it as #1 to get a post back, but also #2. No telling where he will be in a month. If either of you guys have a picture of #18 I would like one. I can't seem to find the picture I took before I put him out in the wild.

Also, I have about 10 more pieces that will go out sometime this week! I am going to have some custom cards made up to place with them. It seems that what I put on paper to go with #18 is the magic way to get a result! Thank you guys for taking the time to post about it. I going to add them to the front page below:

lbguttery said...
Hi there! Not sure if this is where you want me to post, but I have in my possession #18. My hubby and I picked it up at Bagelheads while we were in town visiting. It has come back to Birmingham, AL with us. I am going to place it somewhere on campus here at the University of Montevallo where I am attending to grad school. I hope it finds a new path soon. Great fun! Thanks, Lisette & Mason Guttery
6:41 AM

SWeet! - I remember sitting around and watching this one for a bit to see who would get it. I left and it was still around, but what better place to put it and Bagelheads eh?

hey hey, i just found #18 @ 10:50 on the University of Montevallo Campus. It was on the fountain.(should've taken a picture)i'm gonna leave it somewhere, don't know where, if you're lucky, you'll get a post from someone else.thanks for cheering up my day :)- Removed e-mail from front post. 9:21 AM

I can't believe the #18 has made a journy already and had at response a second time! Lets hope that #18 is not done and will show back up again.




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Blogger mbeaver5799 said...

I am holding Purple Monster Marble #18 for ransom. But, it is safe and sound (for now).....

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