Thursday, January 25, 2007

More stuff gone out!

This is in relation to my other little blog - I am doing crazy leave me stuff on the side.

Sorry for the lack of pictures of the new ones. They are on the new camera and it crashed the computer when we loaded the drivers. I will give it some time this weekend to get them installed correctly.

Anyway, one in Alabama now. Nice little bowl. On on the base in Florida(nas) cup, and one downtown by the bar scene (right next to Intermissions). Just for everyones knowledge I will be putting a lot of them in and around Intermissions, we are there every Friday so keep an eye out.

I have a seriously huge vase I am going to put out soon somewhere. I am also making crazy amounts of marbles with are my new favorite thing to leave around. So if anyone found them and came here please post and let us know when you found them. By the way we don't want them back, they are yours to keep. I had a conversation with someone that said "Maybe people are scared to post because they think you will want them back."... This is not true! They are yours to keep, or even if you want put them back out and let someone else find them. I think I am going to have stickers printed up to put on the glass to better explain what I am doing. Itching the address on the bottom of the glass can be hard to read and might be one of the reasons people are not posting here that they found them.

Scott. .