Friday, November 10, 2006

The Glass Guys - Part #2

Ok so I have the day off and I am having fun with this. I have gone all out and put out count them 4 pieces today...on top of the other two. That means that we have 6 pieces out in Pensacola right now just waiting to be plucked. Here is a quick look at all of them on my work bench at the house.

Starting from left to right we have a vase that is pink with colbalt blue frit. It also has some dicro glass mixed in that gives it some strange colors. aIt is #6 and was placed in the same intersection in Aragon as #3. #3 was long gone by the way...I wonder who got it. Anyway..the brown is #4 and it is Amber and Sand powder with and optic twist. Next is #7 which is a red strawberry powder on top of a enamel white powder. The Red strawberry was contaminated from the factory and has little black metal scraps in it which gave the glass little black specks. Made it really look like a strawberry as irony would have it. The last one is #5 which is colbat blue with a opal red lip wrap...would be a great little flower vase.

#5 was droped off a bayview park on the end of the boat ramp. I figure the next boat that comes in will find it. We will just have to see.

As you can see above it is a great day today. Go day to be out getting out and about. Lets move onto #4!I put #4 which is brown and sand colored piece in a really cool spot. I went to seville park which hosts the Greater Gulf Coasts Arts Festival. I figured this would be a cool spot to hide one, then I found the perfect spot.

Can you see it? It is right in the wood statues hands! I think it will be pretty cool when someone stumbles across it. Plus it is a pretty cool bowl.

One to #7 which I put in a spot I don't think anyone is going to find for at least a week. I also hope the train does not bump it off of it's perch. Here is the walk up to it.

I really wonder how long this one will stay up there I drive by it on my way to work so I will be able to check on it every morning. Anyone want to lay bets?

Ok that is it for today boys and girls. I am going to go get a couple pieces to drop off at the concert in Alabama and one for the Atlanta trip this weekend.


The Glass Guy #3 (aka Scott)


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Blogger Plum's Penny Dreadful said...

This is so awesome. I am trying to get the studio I work at on board with this. I may just do it on my own if they don't get it. I wish you were up here!! I would so go a-humting for that stuff.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Not Ashley said...

that is so cool..what a great idea.

8:58 PM  

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