Sunday, April 23, 2006

Piece #1 - Glow Float

Ok, my first piece of glass is away. Yesterday afternoon we launched a Glass Float/ornament into the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first official piece to be used for the "I Found This Glass" website. We hope whoever finds it will visit and leave a comment.

This piece was thrown out in the gulf around 5pm on an amazing Saturday afternoon. It might make it 10 feet down the beach or it might find its way to the next parking lot. Either way it seems to be sea worthy as it floated away.

I eventually hope to have other artists blog here about their own pieces. I also need to figure out a better way to number the pieces. It will be interesting to try and track them - who found them and where.

For now I will give a little history into the piece I just sent out to sea.

Glow Ball: Piece #1

Artist: Scott Novota

Created: April 13th, 2006 as an experimental piece of glow glass. The piece doesn't glow quite as bright as I though it would, but if you leave it out in the sun or under a light and then take it somewhere dark it does indeed glow.

This is the first in a group of glowing paperweights, floats, ornaments, and other stuff that I will be placing around Pensacola to have some fun with. If you happen to have found this please take the time to let us know where you found it, when you found it, and what you think about the piece.

This should be fun.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ok Here we go.

This blog is being made to track the exploits of myself and who ever else I can recruit into the "I found this glass" experiment. The whole purpose of this experiment is to see what kind of reaction we can get from the public.

What we are going to do is try and see if we can get people to pick up glass art in public that we leave in interesting places. I am going to try to take pictures of the glass befor we put it out, where we put it out, and if I get lucky a picture of the people that pick it up if we can hang out long enought catch them in the act of being the lucky ones to find the pieces. I think I am also going to get some stickers printed up to put on the pieces so that they can find this website and post about the piece that they have found and what they are going to do with it. Maybe they will go the extra step and place it back out in public and this will start over again. Maybe they will like the piece so much they want to keep it. We will just have to wait and see.

Right now there are two artist involved. Myself (The Glass Gnat), and Glassblowingman. Both of use have done this little project befor, but Glassblowingman does it with quite a bit more stuff than myself. I am either going to itch "" on the bottom of each piece or put stickers on them. Either way I hope the public comes back to this site. Let the games begin.